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Cullen Fleming


Eden DeMell

Lead Photographer  - Camera Operator - Editor

Founder / Director - DOP - Certified Drone Pilot - Editor



Personalized Brand Story


Testimonial Videos

Portray your mission and vision of your company with a professional grade brand story. Capture the true essence of your brand to grab your target audience. This video is the most important of all the videos. The purpose is to give a full description of your business and its services. It does all the heavy lifting and is supposed to live on the front page of your website to grab the customer from the second they land on your page.

Show the vibe around your business with a promotional video. These videos are a hook to grab potential customers from social media sites like Facebook or Instagram. These videos are what you would typically use as advertisements. You can make one, or you can make multiple to target your major demographics.

Provide some buy in to your customers with testimonial videos. These videos are important because they provide social proof to the viewer that your business is legit and that you value your customers! Typically you want to have 2 or more of these videos to show consistency. These can be regular posts on social media and they can also be turned into short edits to use for ads.

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